Building access and ID cards

Building access

Your student card is automatically programmed to give you access to the University’s main libraries, some study spaces and computer labs:

  • Baillieu library
  • Biomed library
  • ERC library
  • ABP library
  • Giblin Eunson library
  • Physics podium, David Caro building (walkway access)
  • Eastern Precinct Car Park

Graduate students are also automatically granted access to the Graduate Centre in the 1888 building, including after-hours access.

Engineering access

All spaces, with the exception of the Postgraduate Lounge, do not require swipe to access across normal working hours being Monday to Friday 7am to 7pm. Access for students is uploaded in bulk at the end of week 1, the end of week 2 and approximately 1 week after the census date, to capture late enrolments.

What spaces in Engineering do I have access to?

Enrolled in an undergraduate course

Students enrolled in undergraduate courses have access to the following spaces Monday through to Sunday from 7am to 1am:

Building name and number Rooms
Old Engineering (Bldg 173) Access to Study lounges, PC Barn and Design Studios (EDS) 1 to 6, various PCs Hubs
Doug McDonell (Bldg 168) Access to PC lab 5.02
Alice Hoy Building (Bldg 162) Access to 6 PC labs on levels 1 & 2. Lift only access to Level 1 after hours.

Enrolled in a graduate course

Students enrolled in postgraduate courses have access to the following spaces Monday through to Sunday from 7am to 1am, as well as all of the above:

Building name and number Rooms
Block D (Bld 176) Access to the Postgraduate Lounge is via Grattan Street or the Engineering Courtyard
Block B (Bldg 175) Access to the Postgraduate PC lab, room 102
Old Metallurgy (Bldg 166) Access to the study lounges, Design Studios 9 & 10 and 4 syndicate rooms


I need after-hours access to an Engineering space, how do I get this?

Access to Engineering spaces is programmed directly to your student card from the end of the first week of semester, dependent upon your successful enrolment prior to the first day of semester. If you enrolled after the first day of semester your card will be programmed by the end of week two.

I need access to a specific lab or room, how do I get this?

Specialty access such as the DnB lab, Software Eng space and other research labs for capstone is arranged automatically via the subject coordinator post week 3. This is arranged via a bulk upload, you do not need to request access.

I need access to a specific lab or room in another Faculty, how do I get this?

If you need access to a specific lab or room that is in another Faculty, your lecturer will inform you and access can be organised through the other Faculty/department.

I am a graduate researcher and need access to a specific lab/room.

You should contact your Supervisor in the first instance who will be able to help with organising access.

Booking of study spaces

Study spaces in Engineering are not bookable. There are a large number of open study spaces available for students to use.

Student ID cards

If your card is:

  • Lost
  • Stolen
  • Damaged
  • Faulty, or
  • If you have changed your name

You will need to obtain a new card.

A $50 replacement fee applies where your card is lost, has been damaged (such as through misuse e.g. melted in clothes dryer) or where it has been stolen and you do not have a police report. You remain responsible for any misuse of your card until it has been reported lost, or stolen; for example, the cost of books ‘borrowed’ with the card or any damage to secured labs.

You should contact the library to suspend the borrowing access of your card, and Security/or other relevant department to cancel access to labs. (If you later find your student ID card, you can request that this access be reinstated). Please contact Security.

Contact details for lost or stolen cards

Library (to cancel borrowing): +61 3 8344 0444

Security (to cancel access): 1800 246 066