Course advice

For new students, you will be introduced to your adviser via an email and a suggested study plan, once your application for enrolment has been successfully converted to a stage of ‘Admitted’.

The adviser will provide you with a plan for your study in the coming year, and will apply any/all awarded advanced standing which should give you an accurate idea of what you will be required to successfully complete your degree.

What can I book a appointment for?

You can make an appointment to sit down with a Student Adviser to discuss any issues you might be facing, or to help work out your options.

There are a number of categories you could make an appointment for:

Course advice

If you need assistance with changing your subjects, course advice, general administration, course information.

Study Abroad and Exchange

For advice about studying abroad, setting up your enrolment and finalising your study plan.

Unsatisfactory Progress

Invitation only—if you fall into the ‘Unsatisfactory Progress’ you will be invited to attend a course advice appointment.

How to book an appointment

Appointments can be made using one of the following methods:

Book online

Calling 13 MELB (13 6352)

In person at the Stop 1.


Please ensure you cancel your appointment if you are unable to attend:

Cancel online