Malaysia Internship Program (ENGR90033) with UniMY

The Malaysian Internship Program provides students with the opportunity to undertake an 11 week placement in Malaysia as part of their studies in the ENGR90033 Internship subject over the Summer period.

The ENGR90033 Internship is a 25-point subject that gives eligible students the opportunity to undertake an internship for academic credit within their degree.

This is a unique opportunity to apply your skills in a real-life work environment and gain international experience.

It will give you the practical experience to enhance your employment prospects, networking opportunities and, ultimately, provide you with an edge in the competitive graduate job market.

The successful students will undertake the ENGR90033 Internship subject in Malaysia over the 2018 Summer study period. (See Key dates)

Students participating in this program will have access to some academic facilities at the University Malaysia of Computer Science & Engineering (UniMY) and will participate in in-country events and activities throughout their stay. 

What type of internship will I undertake?

Successful students will be engaged in an internship experience that will provide them with the opportunity to apply their discipline knowledge to duties related to their degree.

The internships will be taking place in and around Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Cost and accommodation

Students are required to organise, book and pay for their own flights to and from Malaysia.

To participate in the program, students will pay the below costs to cover their accommodation and medical related expenses.  

Domestic students may be eligible for up to $2,000 of funding to contribute to the cost of the program.

Accommodation is located in Mutiara Ville Apartment in Cyberjaya, approximately 20–30 minutes from the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Option 1 (Accommodation with air-con) RM Option 2 (Accommodation without air-con) RM
Medical card 180 Medical card 180


800 per month *3 + 1 month refundable deposit



630 per month *3+ 1 month refundable deposit

Total (RM) 3380 Total (RM) 2700
Approximate to $1,150 AUD* Approximate to $750 AUD*


  1. Medical card is required in case medical treatment or admission to hospital.
  2. Accommodation is not inclusive of utility bills. It may cost around RM50–100 per month, depending on usage. Students are required to pay for this usage.
  3. Air tickets are to be purchased by participants separately
  4. Note: the above mentioned costs are in addition to the ENGR90033 Internship subject fees. For more information on your fees, visit Students: Fees.
  5. Domestic students may be eligible for additional funding to assist with costs.
  6. Students must cover all other costs, including food and transportation to and from the accommodation to the host organisation.

*Approximate costs are subject to change depending on the exchange rate.

Visa information

Visa requirements for Australian citizens

Australian citizens do not need a visa to visit Malaysia provided:

  • Your passport is still valid for at least six months on arrival. Student must have a valid passport to participate in this program which is valid for at six months from the program arrival date.
  • Your visit does not exceed 3 months. Students must depart Malaysia by the 20 February 2018.
  • You have a confirmed return or onward international ticket. Students must purchase their return flight prior to leaving Australia.

This information was valid as of 26/06/2017. For current information, visit the High Commission of Malaysia website.

Visa requirements for students who are citizens of countries other than Australia

A list of countries that require a visa for the program is available on the High Commission of Malaysia website. Most international students are likely to require a Short Term Social Visit Pass.

International students are encouraged to make enquiries with their local embassy to discuss their visa requirements for the program.

Assistance will be provided to produce the required documents to assist students in applying for their visa with their respective embassy.

Students must have a valid passport to participate in the program.

Am I eligible?

Eligibility criteria

Students who satisfy the Weighted Average Mark will be sent an email inviting them to apply for the program. Students wanting to apply for the Malaysian Internship Program must discuss their eligibility for the ENGR90033 Internship subject with an Adviser at Stop 1 before applying for the program to ensure you meet the below requirements.

  • A Weighted Average Mark of 70 or above in your current eligible Master’s degree
  • You must be within 150 points of completion and have undertaken a minimum of 50 point within their Master’s degree.
  • Have the required 25 point electives remaining to accommodate the subject in your study load
  • Both domestic and international students are eligible for the ENGR90033 Internship subject. International students should check with your local embassy to confirm if any visa restriction apply which would limit your ability to undertake the full 11 week placement in Malaysia. (see Visa information)

Further information about the subject eligibility criteria is available in the handbook: ENGR90033 Internship.

Degree requirements

The Malaysian Internship Program is open to students from the following degrees:

  • Master of Engineering (Biochemical)
  • Master of Engineering (Biomedical)
  • Master of Engineering (Chemical)
  • Master of Engineering (Civil)
  • Master of Engineering (Electrical)
  • Master of Engineering (Environmental)
  • Master of Engineering (Mechanical)
  • Master of Engineering (Mechatronics)
  • Master of Engineering (Software)
  • Master of Engineering (Spatial)
  • Master of Engineering (Structural)
  • Master of Information Systems
  • Master of Information Technology

Application process

Students must confirm that they are eligible for the program by discussing their eligibility with an Adviser at Stop 1 before applying.

Students who satisfy the Weighted Average Mark will be sent an email inviting them to apply for the program. Applications close at 11:59PM on Thursday 3 August 2017.

Students will be asked to supply the following document as part of their application in one single PDF document.

  • A cover letter addressing why you would like to pursue this opportunity and why prospective host organisations should consider you for the program
  • A resume
  • A copy of your current academic transcript
  • A photocopy of your passport showing your photo and your passport expiry date

After the application close date, student applications will be shortlisted. Shortlisted applications will be forwarded to the potential host organisations for consideration. Unsuccessful candidates will be notified.

Host organisations will make direct contact with the shortlisted students to discuss their suitability for their organisation and their current opportunities.

Successful candidates will be made an offer and will enrol into the ENGR90033 Internship subject for summer.

Key dates

Note: a range of events and activities will be scheduled for students to participate in whilst they are in Malaysia. Further information will be made available to students about these activities in the lead up to the departure date.

Date Activity
Thursday 27 July 2017

Malaysian Internship Program information session

Students who meet the WAM requirement of 70 or above will be sent an invitation to register for the event.

Thursday 3 August 2017 11:59PM

Application close date

Students who meet the WAM requirement of 70 or above will be sent an invitation to apply for this program.

Week commencing Monday 7 August 2017 Applicants will be notified if they have been shortlisted or if they are unsuccessful.
Monday 14 August – Friday 22 September 2017 Host organisations will make contact with students to undertake interviews and make offers. If a student is made an offer, they will be asked to sign a vocational placement agreement.
Wednesday 1 November 2017 Student visa to be confirmed (if required)
Friday 10 November 2017 Pre-departure briefing takes place
Thursday 23 November 2017 Group Arrival (for 11 week placements from Monday 27 November 2017 – Friday 9th February 2018)
Friday 24 November 2017 In-country welcome/ orientation
Monday 27 November 2017 Internships commence
Friday 9 February 2018 Internships conclude
Tuesday 20 February 2018 Students must depart Malaysia due to their expiring visitor pass (90 days) (if required/applicable)

Subject requirements and assessments

To undertake the Malaysian Internship Program, students must enrol into the ENGR90033 Internship subject and undertake the related academic assessments.

Details about the academic assessments for the ENGR90033 Internship subject are available in the Handbook.

Arrangements will be made for students in order to facilitate the face-to-face components of the subject.

Enrolment advice

Students wanting to take ENGR90033 Internship must have 25 points of free elective credit in their degree and meet the subject eligibility criteria.

Students wanting to apply for this program should book a course advice appointment to confirm their eligibility.

Summer enrolment is restricted to 25 points so students cannot take another subject alongside ENGR90033 Internship.

Further information

Industry Placement Coordinators
Student Enrichment
Melbourne School of Engineering