Study abroad and exchange

As part of your studies at the University of Melbourne, we encourage you to undertake part of your degree overseas.

By taking part in an exchange or study abroad program you could immerse yourself in a different social, cultural and intellectual milieu, with the chance to add an international perspective to your studies.

There are a number of ways you can do this. You may study overseas either as an ‘exchange’ student or a ‘study abroad’ student. With an approved study plan, either program can provide you with credit or fulfil academic requirements. There is also a wide variety of funding available to assist you with your plans for overseas study.

Why study overseas?

There are a number of reasons why you may wish to consider study abroad or exchange. Your reasons can be based on academic, personal, career aspirations or all of the above.

  • Gain a global perspective on your studies
  • Study at an international university and gain a different perspective on your studies.
  • Challenge yourself
  • Gain real independence and build your self-confidence
  • Make some international connections
  • Build links by meeting new people
  • Improve your language skills
  • Immerse yourself in another culture and either refine your foreign language skills or learn a new language

When is the best time in your program?

Recommended guide of when to undertake study aboard or exchange in your program:

Master of Engineering students

Second semester of the second hundred points of program

Master of Energy Systems

Third-last semester of program

Masters of Information Systems students (200 point program)

Second 200 points (either semester)

Where can I go?

The partner institution list will provide you with a list of our current exchange partners, including information on the types of agreements that exist, whether the courses are taught in English as well as whether any bonus funding exists for applicants. If you would like to receive a list of exchange subjects approved at various institutions in recent years, please email to request this.

Visit the Melbourne Global Mobility website to view our Exchange Partners

Eligibility requirements

Visit the Melbourne Global Mobility website to view the Eligibility Requirements

Are there any scholarships or grants?

There is a wide variety of funding available to assist you with your plans for overseas study available from Melbourne Global Mobility: Funding and Scholarships.

The Melbourne School of Engineering also has a number of scholarships available, for students who undertake exchange in one of our student exchange partner institutions through Melbourne Global Mobility Program.

Students must receive credit towards their Engineering degree for studies completed during exchange on their return, or refund these funds so that they can be reallocated to another student.

MSE Exchange Scholarships

The Melbourne School of Engineering offers extra funding for MSE students as an incentive to encourage our students to incorporate a Global Mobility experience into their degree. This can be received in addition to some other funding, including the Melbourne Global Scholars Award. For more information email .

In order to receive this funding, follow the steps below and submit a complete application to the Melbourne School of Engineering. Steps 3 and 4 must be completed from your host institution.

  1. Apply and secure a place at one of our exchange partner institutions: see Melbourne Global Mobility: Exchange Partners.
  2. Enter your banking details via the Student Portal.
    Instructions on how to update your banking details.
  3. Once you have arrived at your host institution and enrolled, obtain one of the following:
    1. A statement of enrolment from your host institution; or
    2. Email for a standard Enrolment Declaration form. Fill this in, and have your host institution sign and/or stamp to confirm that the details are correct.
  4. Scan the signed enrolment form and email it to with the following information:
    • Email Subject: Engineering Exchange Scholarship (Your Name & Student ID)
    • Host Institution Details
    • Confirmation of having entered your banking details through the student portal.

The Engineering & IT Global Mobility Coordinator will then send your payment details through to the Scholarship Office and you will be paid within approximately three weeks of the Coordinator advising you that the paperwork has been sent.

How do I apply for Exchange or Study Abroad?

The Melbourne Global Mobility website has a comprehensive guide explaining the process in detail.

Please read this carefully, bearing in mind that you must attend the myWorld First Steps information session if you intend to apply for exchange.

Visit Stop 1 if you have any other questions before or during the application process.

How to prepare a study plan

  1. Select subjects at the host institution

    You need to list the subjects you plan to take at the host institution, including title, subject code and credit value on your Study Plan form, which can be downloaded from the Melbourne Global Mobility website.

  2. Work out credit equivalents

    Visit the Melbourne Global Mobility website to view the Credit Load Equivalents.

  3. Gain departmental approval

    All subjects to be taken at the host institution must be approved by the appropriate departmental adviser. This includes subjects taken as electives, or towards the balance of points in some double degrees.

  4. Submit the application

    An application should only be submitted when all sections are filled in and you have signed the application.

  5. Gain Melbourne Global Mobility approval

    It is your responsibility to check that your WAM is 65 or over, and create a study plan.

    If you need assistance with checking that your subjects will fit your study plan, please visit Stop 1.

    The application then goes to Melbourne Global Mobility for approval.

  6. Check the application status and begin planning to go overseas

    Once your application is approved, Melbourne Global Mobility will nominate you to your preferred institutions. You need to apply for more than one institution as acceptance by the University of Melbourne does not guarantee acceptance at the host institution.

    Your application will be considered by the host institution.

    Melbourne Global Mobility will notify you of the outcome of the application process and post the status of applications on their website.

Your obligations

Note 1: You are expected to check your University of Melbourne email accounts for communication from the university during your period on exchange.

Note 2: Despite status as a University of Melbourne student, you are also bound by the rules and regulations of their host institution. Please remember that you are an ambassador for the University of Melbourne, and conduct yourself respectfully and appropriately at all times.

Further information

For general exchange enquiries and study plan approvals

Contact Stop 1

For global mobility scholarship enquiries (Engineering and IT)

Global Mobility Coordinator (Beth Hunter)
Melbourne School of Engineering