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Pre-Eng Club

Our Pre-ENG Club is a community of future engineers studying an undergraduate degree at the University of Melbourne.

Engineering systems majors are a pathway to the two-year Master of Engineering and are available in the following degrees:

  • Bachelor of Biomedicine
  • Bachelor of Design
  • Bachelor of Environments
  • Bachelor of Science

All University of Melbourne undergraduate students are welcome to join.

Note: Bachelor of Commerce students who commenced prior to 2017 can complete an engineering breadth sequence leading to a 2.5 year Master of Engineering. BCom students commencing in 2017 will need to complete all required prerequisites for the Master of Engineering and will likely need to do a three-year Master of Engineering due to changes in the BCom course structure. Please book a Graduate Study Consultation (see below) for advice on which subjects to choose.


  • Invitation to a BBQ each semester
  • Access to Pathway Student Information Sessions to help you understand your graduate study options
  • Access to Graduate Study Consultations to understand your subject choices and graduate study options
  • Six newsletters a year with the latest information about careers in Engineering and opportunities for undergraduate students

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Graduate study appointments

Do you have questions about graduate study in Engineering and IT?

Confused about what subjects to take in your undergraduate degree that will lead to the Master of Engineering?

Admissions staff are offering consultation appointments during semester. Book your individual appointment today to discuss your future study options in the Master of Engineering as well as the Master of Information Systems or Master of Information Technology.

Appointments are available during semester at various times.

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