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Community Excellence Awards

Melbourne School of Engineering (MSE) aims to inspire, encourage and support the MSE community by identifying and celebrating its students, student clubs, professional and academic staff who have made a significant impact to MSE at their annual Community Excellence Awards.

Award winners and nominees

View the 2019 winners

Category Nominees
  • Gilbert Choy
  • Lena Schlevogt
  • Selena Wang
Graduate Student Research 
  • Raneem Haddara
  • Sadia Nawaz
Student Club
  • Robogals Melbourne
  • Renata Borovica-Gajic
  • Airlie Chapman
  • Jamie Evans
  • Huey Yee Chan
  • Lionel Lam
  • Xiangyue Meng
Professional Staff
  • Rachael Brennan
  • Shainie Holt
  • Vinitia Murugiah

Award categories

The MSE Community Excellence Award for 2019 will be presented in six categories:

  • Student
  • Graduate Research Student
  • Student Club
  • Lecturer
  • Tutor
  • Professional Staff

Based on online voting, one shortlisted candidate will also be awarded with a People’s Choice Award.

Please refer to the Awards Nomination Guidelines for further details regarding eligibility and prize redemption.

Key dates

Wednesday 1 May 2019

Nominations open

Thursday 8 August 2019

Nominations close

Thursday 19 September 2019

Awards ceremony

How to nominate

  • The nomination period begins from Wednesday 1 May 2019 and closes at 12:00pm noon Thursday 8 August 2019. Any submissions after nominations have closed will not be considered.
  • Nominators must submit their nomination online via the nomination form. This must be completed for each nominee.
  • Nominators must be part of the MSE community (and must use their @unimelb email) to complete the form.
  • All mandatory fields must be completed.
  • Any evidence that supports the nomination can also be submitted to , however this is not mandatory.
  • All nominators will go into a draw to win a double pass Gold Class Cinema Voucher.
  • Step 1. Select a nominee
    • Select a nominee(s) who has made a significant contribution to the MSE community.
    • Nominations can be made by any student, academic or professional staff member. Multiple nominations may be submitted, and you may also nominate yourself.
    • Ensure your intended nominee meets the eligibility criteria set out in the Award Nomination Guidelines.
  • Step 2. Select an award category

    Review the award categories to select the most appropriate nomination and check that your intended nominee meets at least 2 of the award selection criteria as outlined in the Award Nomination Guidelines.

  • Step 3. Plan and prepare your nomination

    Preparing to complete the online nomination form:

    • The best nominations are those that tell a compelling story and clearly articulate the nominee’s achievements, contributions and the nominee’s impact on the MSE community.
    • It is recommended that you write your selection criteria responses in a Word document so you can refine the content and remember to check your word count.
    • We recommend notifying your nominee prior to nominating them.
    • You can gather supporting information and evidence (this is optional) to strengthen the nomination.
  • Step 4. Complete nomination form
    • Follow the ‘Make a nomination’ button below
    • Complete Nominator Details
    • Select the Award Category for your nomination
    • Complete Nominee Details
      • It is important that an after-hours contact number for any nominees is provided by the nominator.
    • Complete the Selection Criteria for your nomination
    • If you choose to submit Supporting Evidence (optional) as part of the nomination, evidence must be submitted to . Files larger than 20mb must be compressed or zipped. Please include the nominee’s full name in the file name.
  • What happens next?
    • Once the nomination has been received the nominee will go through a shortlisting process that begins on Tuesday 30 July 2019.
    • Shortlisted nominees will be notified by Friday 2 August 2019 and invited to attend an informal chat with the MSE Community Excellence judging panel.
    • The MSE Community Excellence appointed judging panel will assess all applications received for all award categories.
    • After an informal chat with the judges, shortlisted candidates will be asked to participate in a casual filmed Q&A. The winning individual’s video will be played at the Award Ceremony.
    • Shortlisted individuals will be announced and publicised on Friday 23 August 2019.
    • The MSE community will be able to vote for any shortlisted individuals for the Melbourne School of Engineering Community Excellence Award for People’s Choice once shortlisted candidates are announced. Only one vote per @unimelb email will be accepted.
    • All Nominators/Nominees/Voters will receive an invitation to attend the Award Ceremony on Thursday 19 September 2019.

Award Nomination Guidelines

Please refer to the Awards Nomination Guidelines for all details regarding the award and nomination process.

Download: Award Nomination Guidelines [PDF]

For more information

For further information, contact:

Telephone: +61 487 727 335

Past award winners