Student clubs and societies

If you’re looking for an opportunity to make new friends and find new interests, student clubs and societies are definitely worth exploring.

Through a varied range of social activities, career networks, tutorials and other activities and programs, social clubs and societies can enrich your overall student experience.

Most student societies are related to specific courses or subjects, but there are also societies that any University of Melbourne student is welcome to join.

Our clubs

  • Engineering Music Society (EMS)

    Play an instrument? Sing? Want to join an ensemble but hate auditions? EMS is Melbourne Uni’s largest music playing society outside of the music faculty. Membership is audition-free and open to people of any faculty—or even non-students. We cater to a wide range of skill levels, from high-school dabblers to those born holding bows. With tri-weekly pub nights and the infamous institution only known as Bandcamp, EMS is a strong blend of music performance and social life.


  • Engineers Without Borders University of Melbourne Chapter

    EWB Unimelb is a network of multidisciplinary and passionate individuals seeking to create positive change and promote the idea of humanitarian engineering. We offer a range of volunteering opportunities including school outreach programs across Victoria, networking and speakers’ nights with industry and government representatives, international work with EWB Australia and host many fun social events. Join us every Tuesday, 1pm at Old Metallurgy 103 for our weekly meetings or follow us on Facebook at to find out more!

  • Mechanical Engineering Student Society (MESS)

    The Mechanical Engineering Student Society (MESS) is an UMSU-affiliated club for all students. As the name suggests the focus is on mechanical engineering, but members include PhDs, Masters students, undergrads with an interest in mech eng, and students with no idea what it is. $2 for an annual membership is an absolute bargain, with members getting free snags and refreshments at our regular BBQs, and free or discounted entry to our other events which include lawn bowls, industry nights and more. Make the best decision of your University career and sign up today. Get in touch with at or on our facebook page.

  • Melbourne University Biomedical Engineering Society (MUBES)

    We are a club dedicated to supporting students who are studying or have interest in biomedical engineering. We organise events for social and educational purposes and also hold Networking Night once a year to aid interaction between students and industry professionals in and beyond the field of biomedical engineering. Our membership spans undergraduate, graduate and PhD students. We also look forward to collaborations with other clubs for skills building workshops and sports tournaments!

    Contact us if you have any queries!



  • Melbourne University Chemical Engineering Students Society (MUCESS)

    MUCESS allows its members access to student run events such as on-campus barbeques a few times each semester, social nights every two or three weeks as well as other social activities such as trivia nights. Our two main events for the year include an industry night in Semester 1 where industry representatives from a range of engineering, financial and consulting companies present their firms and give students an opportunity to mix, ask questions and become familiar with the graduate application process. In Semester 2 we host a cocktail night off-campus, our biggest social event of the calendar, and everyone always has a great time amongst friends. Although the majority of our members are chemical engineering students from both the undergraduate stream and the graduate school, this is by no means a restriction for membership and we encourage a diverse mix of students to enjoy being a part of MUCESS!

  • Melbourne University Civil & Structural Society (MUCSS)

    The Melbourne University Civil & Structural Society (MUCSS) is a faculty-based, student-run body for Civil and Structural Engineering students. MUCSS is affiliated with the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU).

    MUCSS has been set up by current students undertaking the Master of Civil or Structural Engineering. The aim of the club is to develop a strong cohort within the Civil and Structural community at Melbourne University. This will be achieved via social events such as barbecues and trivia nights. In addition, professional networking industry nights and study support networks will be run by the club.

    The club is aimed towards Master of Civil and Structural Engineering students but is open to anyone interested in these fields. Look out for events on the Facebook page, posters around campus and announcements in lectures!


  • MESA

    What we do:

    • Organise events for students and teaching staff, from the Master of Energy Systems, providing the opportunity to meet socially and promote good fellowship.
    • Assist the course coordinator in the organisation of an industry night at least once per year.
    • Organise field trips for members to places of relevance to the course.
    • Support the Sustainable Campus and others clubs and societies’ initiatives related to energy and/or CO2 footprint reduction programs.

  • Women in Science and Engineering (WISE)

    Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) is a students group for those passionate about gender equity in STEM. We aim to provide women in STEM a fun and supportive community with new friends and inspirations, as well as providing our members with the necessary skills to succeed—things like professional development workshops, networking opportunities, panel discussions.


  • Women in Tech (WIT)

    Women in Tech (WIT) is a club supporting and representing female students from all IT/computer science/tech-related studies at the University of Melbourne.



  • UniMelb Competitive Programming Club (UMCPC)

    This club aims to organise the University of Melbourne's competitive programming endeavours in order to create results that an institution of this calibre deserves. Simultaneously it is an attempt to create a tight-knit community of science-loving students who can experience together what college life has to offer.

    The programming competitions that this club participates in are those that involve being given a set of difficult questions which must be solved through the submission of computer code. The problems vary in topic wildly, but the answer usually involves the use of mathematics or algorithms and is a program written in a language such as C++ or Java. While beginner problem sets may seem simple enough, prepare to spend days toiling away at a difficult question.




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