Information for student club committee members

The support and services outlined on this page are available to Engineering and IT student clubs who are affiliated with UMSU or GSA.

MSE Student Clubs and Societies Information Handbook contains detailed information for committee members. Refer to the handbook for additional information to this page.

MSE Student Clubs and Societies Information Handbook 687kb pdf download

MSE Committee Member Update Form 65kb pdf download

How do I apply for funding for an event?

Clubs and Societies may now apply for funding online twice a year prior to the commencement of each Semester.

Dates funding applications are open will be provided to you by the Student Enrichment Team.

Engineering and IT student clubs and societies will be responsible for providing some of their own funding along with UMSU (University Melbourne Student Union) and where possible, the Student Enrichment, Academic Support Office may provide some additional financial support.

To be considered for funding you must complete the Event Planning Online Application Form and outline the events that as a student club or society you are planning on running for Semester 1 or 2.

MSE Student Clubs and Societies funding application

After the event

To obtain your approved funding, you will be required to submit the online invoice submission form no later than two weeks after the event date:

You must include the following when submitting your online form:

  • Receipts to show use of funds.
  • Invoice for the total amount of funding approved by MSE.
  • The invoice should be made out to Melbourne School of Engineering and including club ABN and account details.
  • Short report of the event.
  • Attendance list where an event included food or refreshments.

Online invoice submission

How do I book a room for events?

To make room bookings for your events visit Venue Hire: Student Club Booking Form.

If you require equipment for an event ensure that you book this at least three weeks prior to the event.

If you are having difficulty in booking a room email

UMSU Room Bookings

There are a number of venues that can be booked through UMSU Get a room.

How can we advertise an upcoming event?

Student Clubs and Societies Noticeboard

A noticeboard is available on the first floor of Old Engineering (with sliding glass panels facing the Student Lounge) exclusively for clubs to display upcoming events and other suitable material.

It is the responsibility of the student clubs and societies to maintain this noticeboard and ensure it remains clean at all times and that all displayed material is deemed appropriate. The Student Enrichment, Academic Support Office will monitor the noticeboard regularly.

Melbourne School of Engineering Facebook Page

Student clubs and societies are strongly encouraged to promote their events through the Engineering and IT Facebook page and submissions to the MSExpress Newletter.

Email no later than 12 days prior to the event.

For Facebook posts include the following information:

  • Event title
  • Date and time
  • Room number/Venue
  • Contact person and details
  • A brief outline of the event
  • A link to a website (if possible)

Posters and publications

Important: Posters and publications will need to be planned well in advance of the date you plan on distributing them. Posters for events where alcohol will be served, need to comply with the following statement from the University’s Alcohol Management & Safety Checklist

Advertisements for the event will not emphasise the availability of alcohol or encourage in any way the excessive consumption of alcohol. Reference will be made to the availability of non-alcoholic drinks.

What OHS issues do clubs need to take into account when planning an event?

According to University policy, any events need to have a designated event manager. The event manager ensures that if there are any issues, they are able to action these ASAP. Where alcohol is available it is particularly important that this is managed and overseen by someone responsible. A committee member will need to take on the role of event manager, and will need to ensure that the event complies with university procedure in relation to OHS issues, i.e. no alcohol can be served at any student run event without the server holding a RSA certificate. Another common OHS issue with student events is the clean-up which needs to be managed. For large evening events, cleaners can be booked for a fee.

When planning events, student clubs will need to complete both the Alcohol Management & Safety Checklist and a Risk Assessment Form with copies of RSAs and forward to UMSU at least two weeks prior to the event. You should also keep copies of these documents for your club’s records.

Further information

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