Internships in Singapore and Germany

We are pleased to offer two new University-advertised destinations for ENGR90033 Internships in 2019/20, in conjunction with partners AIC (the Academic Internship Council): Singapore and Berlin, Germany.

Offering internship opportunities for MSE students in two distinct locations, AIC work with students to match you to an internship based on your individual aspirations, career goals, and experience. After nominating a preferred destination, AIC will organise an individual pre-placement meeting with one of their locally-based advisors to discuss your goals and work towards matching you to a suitable internship.

While in-country, AIC will provide cultural, academic and professional development opportunities to allow you to make the most of your experience as you become part of the global workforce.

Accommodation can be provided, in locations convenient to your internship, and ranges from student apartments to residence hall-style facilities. Accommodation is furnished, and includes kitchen facilities, access to laundry, and internet connectivity. Please note that some accommodation is on a room share basis with another intern. Should you wish to organise your own accommodation in either Berlin or Singapore, this is also possible, and the program fee will be adjusted to reflect this.

AIC provides 24-hour in-country support, in the unlikely event of an emergency or if you require any extra assistance while interning overseas.

  • Eligibilty

    You are eligible to undertake the ENGR90033 Internship subject (University sourced opportunities) in Singapore or Berlin if you meet the following criteria:

    • You are enrolled in the Master of Engineering (all disciplines, excluding Chemical and the ‘with Business’ stream), Master of Information Systems or Master of Information Technology
    • You have completed at least 50 credit points in your current Masters program as an enrolled Masters student
    • You have at least 25 points available for an ELECTIVE subject in your degree
    • You must not have completed another internship subject within your Masters course. Disallowed subject combinations are listed in the Handbook
    • You have a Weighted average mark (WAM) of 70 or above in your current course.

    If you meet the above criteria, you will be invited to access the ENGR90033 Engineering & IT Portal where internship opportunities that have been sourced via university networks are listed.

    Although the Singapore and Berlin internship University sourced opportunities are currently limited to students with a WAM above 70, if you do not meet this requirement you will still be eligible to participate in the subject by sourcing your own internship in Australia. If you are unsure of your course requirements, you should book a course advice appointment.

  • Plan to succeed

    Students who prepare effectively for the internship subject are more likely to succeed in securing an opportunity.

    Most internships you apply for will require you to address selection criteria via a cover letter and a resumé. It is important to ensure you research and tailor your application documents for the local job market in the country where you are applying. The requirements for documents such as resumés vary by country.

    Keep an eye out for any relevant information sessions listed via Careers Online and the MSExpress newsletter as specific information sessions are held periodically for students applying for jobs overseas.

    There are two key areas in which preparation should be focused:

    Create or update your application documents

    Internship employers will be interested in the skills and experiences you have gained so far. These experiences will be conveyed via your application documents. To ensure you are able to put an effective application forward, consider if you need to add to your resume by:

    • Undertaking some volunteer work
    • Working in a part time or casual role
    • Joining and contributing to a professional association
    • Getting active in your professional student club
    • Brushing up on skills in demand in your industry
    • Practising your written and spoken communication skills
    • Keeping up to date with developments in your industry

    Set up a plan a semester prior to when you expect to undertake your internship and upskill in areas where you have gaps.

    Prepare for interviews

    If your application is shortlisted for an opportunity you may be invited to an interview for the internship. A range of career orientated and professional skill workshops are advertised on Careers Online which you are encouraged to attend prior to an interview. Before your interview you should also look to undertake the following:

    • Study the organisations website or look for articles about the organisation in the media
    • Re-read your application
    • Review the most common interview questions available [PDF]
    • Review the selection criteria and ensure you can provide interesting examples to demonstrate the skills that are listed
    • Prepare some questions for your interviewer to ask at the conclusion of the interview
  • Find opportunities

    AIC internships are open to eligible students for expressions of interest from the 15th of July 2019, for students starting the following November, via the ENGR90033 Internship Portal. If eligible, you will be sent an email invitation to attend an information session about the Singapore and Berlin internships, along with the other opportunities available through the ENGR90033 Internship program, both internationally and here in Australia. This email will also provide access to the portal where you can apply for the Singapore or Berlin program.

    Unlike other opportunities within the internship program, the Singapore and Berlin internships involve an expression of interest, followed by a matching process where you are allocated to an internship that aligns with your goals and future career aspirations.

    After applications close, your expression of interest will be forwarded to AIC, and you will be invited to complete their forms in order to register for a pre-placement interview and begin the process of matching you to a host organisation. While AIC cannot guarantee to match students to host organisations, the vast majority of students who they work with are matched to an internship in their desired city.

    You may also pursue opportunities either through our advertised Australian internships, other international programs or by sourcing your own opportunity which you can apply to have approved. Students can apply for multiple opportunities, however once you have secured an internship and verbally accepted, either in Singapore, Berlin or elsewhere, no further applications will be considered.

  • Submit your ENGR90033 application

    The AIC program application closing date is 16th August 2019. After the application deadline has passed, you will be contacted by AIC for a pre-placement interview and AIC will then work with you to identify a suitable host company and internship. Prior to finalising the arrangement, the Melbourne School of Engineering will provide a final assessment of the internship to ensure that it aligns with the learning outcomes for ENGR90033 Internship.

    If you are offered an internship, both you and your host company will need to complete a legal agreement, which covers the terms and conditions of your internship.

    You will not be permitted to enrol into ENGR90033 until the completed documentation has been finalised by both parties and returned to the University.

    You can apply using the application form at the bottom of this page.

  • Subject enrolment

    Agreement, enrolment and OHS training

    Enrolment will be permitted via email into ENGR90033 Internship once the appropriate legal agreement has been returned by both you and the host organisation.

    You will not be able to self-enrol into the subject until this time. The agreement will be managed by the Melbourne School of Engineering.

    Once returned, you will be sent an approval email which will detail the steps you must undertake to submit an enrolment variation to Stop1.

    To remain enrolled in the subject you will need to undertake OHS training and ensure that you hold a valid visa for Malaysia if required.

    If required, your host company can provide documentation you may need to apply for a visa. It it is students’ responsibility to research visa requirements and ensure that you have the correct visa for Malaysia. Please refer to the High Commission of Malaysia for further information as the University is unable to provide visa advice.

    Further information will be provided at the time of enrolment. For further details regarding subject requirements, please refer to the handbook.

  • Key dates

    Summer 2019/20

    Date Activity
    July 2019
    • • Students who are eligible for Summer university sourced placements will admitted to the ENGR90033 Engineering & IT Portal for the ENGR90033 Internship subject where we will take applications for the Singapore and Berlin programs.
    • An information session for interested students will take place at 1pm (noon) Tuesday 30 July in the Forum Theatre (room 153), Arts West Building.
    16 August 2019
    • Applications will close and the placement matching process will begin.
    September 2019
    • AIC will work with students to place them in companies
    November 2019
    • Mandatory pre-departure session (in Melbourne) and bootcamp
    • In-country inductions (28 and 29 November 2019)
    • Internships commence (2 December)
    Mid-late February 2020
    • Internships conclude (21 February 2020)
  • Cost

    Regular subject tuition fees will apply to this subject. Determine your subject fees on the University’s Students website.

    In addition to subject tuition fees, a program fee applies to the AIC internships through ENGR90033. This fee covers accommodation, in-country support and a program of social, cultural and networking events in-country. The Program Fee does not cover flights, incidental expenses, meals or public transport costs incurred during the program. You can decide to take the full program, including accommodation, or take the program without accommodation in which case, you would need to organise your own place to stay.

    2019/20 program fee:

      AIC accommodation included: Without accommodation included:
    AIC Singapore


    (please note that this amount is inclusive of a $3500 subsidy contributed by the School of Engineering. $5821 is the amount which will be charged to students, while MSE will contribute the $3500 directly to the program cost).

    MSE will subsidise the cost of the program fee, however you will be responsible for the cost of your accommodation.

    Please research the cost of accommodation in Singapore prior to applying for this option.

    AIC Berlin


    (please note that this amount is inclusive of a $3500 subsidy contributed by the School of Engineering. $5541 is the amount which will be charged to students, while MSE will contribute the $3500 directly to the program cost).

    MSE will subsidise the cost of the program fee, however you will be responsible for the cost of your accommodation.

    Please research the cost of accommodation in Berlin prior to applying for this option.

    Two $650 deposits may be charged, 90 and 30 days prior to the program commencement date. This $1300 will be deducted from your final program fee invoice, where you are taking the “accommodation included” option.

    Students may be eligible for additional funding through the University’s Melbourne Global Scholars Awards which provide $2500 for students taking programs of 12 weeks or more (this is a 12 week program). Please note that these are not administered by the Melbourne School of Engineering.