STEM industry mentoring program

Connect with industry professionals, develop a network and gain insights into your future career.

Being mentored is a powerful tool for you to make connections in industry and enhance your employment outcomes, by providing you with insights into the professional world and helping you to expand your knowledge of career options and plan for life after study.  The STEM Industry Mentoring Program connects you with a Melbourne-based alumni and/or industry professional from the University community.

Mentoring is a great way to: 

  • Find out about alternative career paths and options post-study, and also broaden your horizons to explore new opportunities
  • Gain confidence and a career direction
  • Learn from a professional about how to successfully adjust to the working world
  • Develop your career plan and align your goals to your values
  • Increase your confidence in networking and your professional communication skills
  • Improve your chances of securing a job or graduate admission by developing a professional CV and practicing your interviewing technique
  • Be more informed about graduate study and career options

All students must complete a registration form and attend a preparation session prior to being matched with a mentor

To find out more visit the  Mentoring at Melbourne website.