Not for Credit Internship

This option is the independent completion of 350 hours of pre-approved industry placement.

  • This might be a good opportunity for you if …
    • You are seeking short term opportunities (you can work at up to 3 organisations)
    • You would like the ability to gain experience in several different organisations
    • You don’t have enough points left to complete the “for credit internship” (ENGR90033: Internship needs 25 points)
  • What is required of me?
    • You will need to undertake 350 hours of self-sourced paid work experience in a role relevant to your degree.
    • The 350 hours must be reached within a 12-month period and can include a maximum of three opportunities.
    • Students will be responsible for arranging their own internship and must have the internship approved prior to using the position for the Engineering Practice Hurdle.
    • Your Host Organisation will also need to sign the University’s internship agreement. 
    • All internships must be in Australia.
    • During your internship you will be required to submit a minimum of 3 written reflective reports of 500 words each with a minimum of 1 written reflection at each internship.
  • How do I get started?

    Submit your internship

  • Links to tools and resources

    Search for possible positions through Melbourne Careers Online.

  • Who to contact about this option

    For further information please contact: