ENGR90033 Internship

ENGR90033 Internship is a 25-point elective subject which allows students to undertake a 10–16 weeks (350 hours) internship alongside assessments focusing on professional development. Students who meet eligibility criteria have access to a large number of internships sourced by the Melbourne School of Engineering. Students may also source their own internship opportunity for this subject.

  • This might be a good opportunity for you if …
    • You want to focus on your professional development in a structured way.
    • You would like access to exclusive internships which are only offered as part of an enrolment in this subject (subject to WAM requirements).
    • You have secured your own internship and would like to use it as part of an enrolled subject.
    • You have 25 points of elective space in your course and would like to receive credit for your internship.
    • You have completed 50 points within your degree.
  • What is required of me?

    You will need to source and complete a 10–16 week (350 hour) internship with a single host company over the course of one semester. The subject is offered in Semester 1, Semester 2 and Summer. You will also need to complete a number of assessments as part of the subject.

    You must either:

    • Secure your own internship to use as part of the subject. There is no WAM requirement if you source your own internship. If you wish to secure your own internship, you must apply to have it approved at least two weeks before the teaching period commencement date if the internship is taking place in Australia.
    • Secure a position by applying for the internships offered through the subject. These internships are open to students with a WAM above 70% and students who meet this requirement will automatically receive an email with details of the internships on offer.

    Please see the handbook and the Engineering & IT students: Internships page for further detail on securing an internship.

    If you successfully complete this subject, your Engineering Practice Hurdle completion will be automatically registered. You do not need to do anything further to fulfil the requirement.

  • How do I get started/what next?
    1. Make sure you’re eligible

      Information about eligibility criteria and enrolment can be found in the handbook and you can also visit Stop 1 if you’re unsure about course planning.

    2. Find out how to secure an internship

      Information about different types on internships, including how to source a suitable internship, can be found on the current students website.

    3. Confirm your internship and enrol into the subject

      This process differs depending on whether you have found your own internship or applied for one of the opportunities advertised to eligible students as part of the subject, so see the Engineering & IT students: Internships page for further details. This is a restricted enrolment subject, so you won’t be able to enrol until you have a confirmed internship.

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  • Who to contact about this option

    For further information please contact: