Induction and orientation

Whether you’re at the beginning, half-way point, or nearing the end of your degree, the induction material below is for you.

The material offers a series of road-maps to help you negotiate the various stages of your course. It alerts you to what you need to do administratively and candidature-wise and offers tips on how to make the most of your research experience, including the supervisory relationship.

In your first week

Student card

The system requires 24 hours after your enrolment appointment to update before we can print your student card. During your appointment, we will ask to take a photograph of you. You may return within the next 2 working days at a set time to collect your card.


Where applicable access to labs, workshops and your department must be discussed with your Department Administrator. Visit the Melbourne School of Engineering Staff Directory for contact details.

Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education (CSHE) Orientation Program for Graduate Researchers

This event provides a welcome to all graduate researchers—students enrolled in a research higher degree such as a PhD, Professional Doctorate, Masters by Research or the MPhil—who are new to the University of Melbourne. The workshop introduces the comprehensive research training and professional development services available at the University.

Register on the Orientation website to secure your spot!

International students

International students are required to read through and complete the Online International Student Briefing before commencing in your studies. This will give you access to important information as to being an International student at the University, facilities and services that are available to you and other important information about your visa, healthcare, safety and much more.

If you do have questions, please make sure you visit the Baldwin Spencer Building.

To complete the briefing, visit:

International Student Briefing