Study away for graduate researchers

Whether you stay within Australia or go overseas, studying away is a unique opportunity to enrich your academic experience. Find out what the Study Away program covers and how you can apply.

What types of activities are covered by Study Away?

An application for Study Away must be completed and approved by your supervisor before undertaking activities related to your research project such as:

  • fieldwork
  • research conferences
  • workshops/classes away from the University
  • research with collaborators independent of the University of Melbourne.

When do I need to apply?

You should submit a Study Away application if you intend undertaking study-away related travel:

  • outside of Australia
  • within Australia for greater than four weeks
  • within Australia for less than four weeks and you expect to receive a bursary or scholarships payment to cover travel expenses
  • within Australia for less than four weeks and you are claiming expenses that are directly related to the travel.

Applications for Study Away must be made at least 10 University business days prior to departure.

High risk destinations

If you are travelling to a high-risk destination your applications should be submitted 20 business days prior to travel.
If you are travelling to a high-risk destination, be sure to read: Safety — Travel, conferences and fieldwork.

You need to apply via email to the Academic Registrar to gain permission to travel to high-risk destinations. These applications should be made at least six weeks before your departure date.

Key points to discuss with your supervisor

Before applying, speak to you supervisor about:

  • progress, deadlines, meetings with your supervisor/advisory committee
  • safety (your health, risk assessment)
  • ethics approval(s)
  • supervision (an external supervisor is required if you are away for more than three months, or another approved arrangement must be organised).

Ready to apply?

Before you apply for Study Away, familiarise yourself with the University guide to Travel, Conference and Fieldwork on the Graduate Research Hub.