How to enrol in the Univeristy of Melbourne Engineering & IT graduate research programme.

Getting started in the University of Melbourne, Engineering & IT graduate research program? Follow these steps before you begin your studies to make your transition as smooth as possible.

Before you make your enrolment appointment

  • Complete your acceptance paperwork by following the instructions in your Letter of Offer.
    Note: if you have a conditional offer you have to wait until you meet all conditions before going on to Step 2.
  • Start your online enrolment.
    : You won’t be able to enrol in your research subject until Step 4.
  • Meet with your supervisor to confirm your start date.
    Note: This will be the same date as your enrolment appointment.
  • Make an appointment to meet with a member of the Graduate Research team.

Your enrolment appointment date will be your official start date.

How to book an enrolment appointment

Once you’ve accepted your offer, you’ll get an email inviting you to visit our enrolment appointment booking system.

Further information

Once you’ve completed your enrolment, these resources will help get you started at the University: