Study abroad at MSE

Study Abroad/Exchange

If you’re considering studying abroad at the University of Melbourne, this information is for you. Current University of Melbourne students looking to study elsewhere should instead refer to the Study Away process.

If you’re a student who wants research at the University of Melbourne for a short period of time as part of your masters or research doctoral degree or for a research project (sometimes called an internship in parts of Europe) at their home institution.

Minimum period: three (3) months
Maximum period: two (2) years with special permission

This is for students who are studying at a non-exchange partner institution.

Please also apply this way if you’re a student studying at an exchange partner institution that doesn’t support you coming here as an exchange student. We advise you to please check with your home exchange office first.

Students whose home institution does support them coming as an exchange student should apply as an exchange research student.

Study periods

It’s important to note that at the University of Melbourne, you will need to select one of the University’s generic research study periods, ‘January‐June Commencement’ or ‘July‐December Commencement’. You can only commence your research here at only one of four times in the year:

January‐June Commencement

  • 1 February
  • 1 May

July‐December Commencement