Variations to candidature

Graduate researchers are able to apply to change their enrolment, also known as candidature variations.

Types of candidature variation

Applications made via

The following types of candidature variation applications are submitted online via

  • taking leave of absence
  • return from leave
  • course withdrawal
  • changing study rate from full-time to part-time
  • addition/removal of coursework subjects
  • addition/removal of a supervisor or change to supervision level, e.g. Principal supervisor to co-supervisor.

    For a change to supervisory arrangements, the Change of Supervisor(s) section also applies: Change my current supervisors

  • apply to study away
  • apply to change research project details

    Use this form to register changes in your thesis title, a substantial change of research project and thesis topic, and/or to record or update the Fields of Research.

Other applications

Change of department

Candidates may apply to change the academic unit in which they are based using the hard copy Application for Change of Department form.

This form incorporates an application for change of supervisor.

Applications for change of department require the approval of the new Head of Department, and where this entails a change of faculty, the faculty Dean.

How to submit a candidature variation application

  1. Log into

  2. Go to the ‘Student Admin’ tab and select ‘My Enrolment’.

  3. Navigate to Managing my current enrolment (Graduate Research students) and select the ‘Apply for / view my candidature changes (including leave)’ option.

  4. Select the link to the type of variation you are requesting.

    For further information regarding the Leave Guidelines, visit the Graduate Research Hub: Taking leave.

  5. Complete all the required fields and submit the application.

    Important: Remember to select the right course.

Policy Guidelines for Variations to Candidature

Further information is available on the Graduate Research Hub for Variations to Candidature, including:

  • Change in Study Rate
  • Change of Supervisor(s)
  • Course Withdrawal
  • Study Away
  • Leave of Absence

Graduate Research Hub: Making changes